Classical History

The Ancients

“Caput Mundi – Beheading and Barbarism on Trajan’s Column”  A re-blog from Roma Invicta.

“The Who of March?” Celebrating the great Julius Caesar on he Ides of March! I bet you will learn something you didn’t know before by the end of this.

“I Caligula- Review of ‘Caligula'” A review of the interesting pamphlet which looks at devilifying Caligula.

“Cursed By the Pesty Cat” Falling a little outside of the “Classical” tag but still history gold, a monk’s manuscript was found ruined by a cat peeing on it. Some light entertainment for your day.

When the Wind Blows the Baby Will Fall- Ancient Views on Abortion and Infanticide” A comparative look at attitudes towards abortion and infanticide in the ancient Roman and Jewish cultures.

Roman Musical Instruments” A quick summary of the various instruments Romans used for their everyday life detailing both the instruments themselves and its place in society.

You Arrrrr…Not? My Brother.” A comparative look at how ancient Romans and ancient Jews saw the poor and needy among them.


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