Wrong Girl

At first I thought you got the wrong girl

when I saw a new message from you flash on my screen.

You thought you knew me, wanted to check this out.

I thought I was lucky for your attention,

turned me into a cute blushing school girl,

tried to play like a man but you were still a boy.

The school girl didn’t last long and neither did you,

trying to change me because you thought you knew what was best.

Your ego kept you believing you were still king of the hill-

didn’t take long to figure out that you definitely got the wrong girl.

You stopped showing your face to let your words do the talking,

but tried to use me as your Thesaurus to help you along;

if you don’t know the steps, you shouldn’t be dancing.

You weren’t worth waiting around for the day my message box stopped flashing,

wherever you went, I was already there-

always trying to play catch up with me

I never shed a tear.

Won’t bother thanking you for nothing

But I do thank you for playing along

You took some words but not much more

You can kiss my hand of dismissal

And know that you’re an end note, the kind no one reads.


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