If you could look into my mind
Oh what treasures you would find!
You’d finally see beyond that distant look in my eyes
And hear the waltz I dance to with my fingers on the table
If you could get lost in my mind like I do
Then you would feel as I do
As though the adventure would never tire
As though forever was counted by the moments of young love which never grew old
You would never want to leave the moon lit night
For there would be no mystery beyond
You would feel as though you were facing every fear bred by horrors and disappointments unseen
As though you had everything to lose and nothing to gain
And then another day the tables would turn and the stakes would be turned!
You would feel the sun of a little girl’s laugh in a field of wild flowers
And gallop along the tops of mighty mountains
You would take archery lessons from the elves in their trees
And pay courtier to wise men of long life and powerful women who showed no weakness
The sound of the sea with its salty air could hardly hide the treason at sea
Pirates were deadly and alluring not because the movies said so, but because you are one!
While the adventure just outside your window would always beckon you to come
Every great story would come with its own soundtrack to spur you along
And you would live like a Broadway show and see the world through beautiful tears of sound
Your favourite characters in their most precious scenes would be replayed over and over again until their story became yours and their life became your dreams and emotions to drive your secret smiles
You would pop-up in the Roman forum in jeans and leather jacket looking for a safe place to sleep that night
Or a Victorian square with aviators to boot just to be the scandal for their tea talk
Rich men and leaders of yore would knock on your door to learn the future’s secrets but with an understanding beyond the money they’d pay you would tell them that you cannot
You would know the pain and joy of winning a love hard fought
And the painful passion of an unjust execution
You would feel the struggle to deconstruct the secret ways of people
And the desire to plan the unpredictable
If you could look closer in my mind
And join me there
We might not ever leave
But oh, what lives we could lead!


2 thoughts on “Dreamtopia

  1. To take archery lessons from an elf. Now that would really be something. But to take with some experience behind. Now THAT would be better.

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