It’s Kinda a Big Deal

In my quest to create, write and publish my first fiction novel I have come to the first greatest mile marker just after laying down the first page: finishing my first rough draft. This journey began in August of last year when I first set out to write a short story of a few pages about the Christmas season that was everything a Hallmark story wasn’t and still expressed how I felt about my favourite season of the year. As most good stories do, this one gained a life of its own and kept growing until I ended up with 191 pages and almost 100,000 words…and it is the polar opposite of a Hallmark Christmas story! I’ve started stories before but have never finished one so this is a pretty big deal- celebrate with me!!

Already I’m highly expanding a sub-plot and have much else I want to do with it to make it BETTER but I’m still excited for what it is going to end up as in the end. If you haven’t seen my teaser trailer for “The Gift”, you’re going to want to here and leave a comment!


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