Father’s Tears

Whether or not you celebrate Easter for the chocolate and the holiday ham, or whether you go to church and remember the resurrection of Jesus, one thing everyone can identify with is the pain of death especially for one you call, “son”.


Oh my son, oh my very dear son.
My only son.
To see your body hung like a carcass is more than I could think to bear.
The weight of the world knows nothing of this.
My heart bleeds for you, my beautiful son,
immortal blood which shall never dry.
Your own dripping life is scattered like seed,
thirty, sixty, a million fold shall be returned,
of this I promise.
I would do anything to prevent this happening to you,
if there were but another way….
chance after chance, they needed just one more.
We have talked this over before,
you know this is for the best.
Even now, I cannot look at you,
for I Am Holy.
Please don’t cry out, I know it hurts.
Oh my son, my very dear son,
let me show you the future,
the faces of all those who will turn your pain into love.
What an enemy we have, where this is what hope comes to.
Please son, I have not forsaken you, I love you son, I love you.
Remember my comfort for I can give you none now;
an evil chasm has come between us.
I must turn my face:
the sky darkens.
Hear! Even the earth is breaking its heart for you.
Your end is near, let me quicken it for you.
Oh my son, my very dear son.
Your last breath is louder than a rushing wind in my ear.
Yes, it is finished.
My beautiful son.
For you, there is no peace to go to.

Heaven is silent,
my angels hold their breath,
my Spirit moves in waiting as on that First day.
We are separated now,
I keep my eyes upon your seat next to me:
empty and weeping it remains.
These are the longest three days in our existence.
I cannot see you, I cannot talk to you, I cannot hear you
cloaked in Lightless void.
Hell was never a place for you to see;
it was never supposed to have been a place at all.
My mind is unable to think of what they are doing to you,
this is near unbearable but for knowing what shall come of this.
I will take no rest until you are free, my thoughts are bent on you.
Oh son, oh my son I miss you so much!
Never before has a day gone by where you have not greeted me,
never have you not been where I cannot know you.
Today, I am greeted with quiet.
I am counting all times until the sentence is served,
time seems not to move at all.
I am a Father waiting for his first child to be born.
I am a Father waiting for a whole family.
I am Patience and yet it is still not time.
My eye blinks, my lungs breath in, my heart beats.

Behold! The day is dawning.
A new light is growing on the horizon:
warmer, stronger, brighter than ever before.
Yes, Night is over!
My beautiful son.
For you, you are the bearer of my peace now.
Raise your voice my angels!
Spread your wings cherubim and sing all birds of my creation!
Waters roar in victory and lights of heaven hide no longer!
My son has come back in triumph!
The dawn of my sons and daughters has come, they are revealed at long last.
At long last, watch, watch and see, the pain seems like it never was:
it was worth it all,
wasn’t it,
my eldest son.


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