Friendly Foe

Here lies the ocean
by which all men gain and lose
by which all men become lost.
Never did it meet an enemy
before whom retreat was e’er considered.





3 thoughts on “Friendly Foe

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Its astounding that in such short words you are able to capture the immensity and vastness of the sea. It reminds me of the thoughts that overwhelmed me as I looked across the sea as I looked over the side of the cruise ship I was sailing on. Thank you for your thoughtful verses.

    • Thank YOU for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts- there is nothing better for an author to hear/read. I grew up on the coast and never grew tired of the ocean; it kind of becomes a part of you.

  2. Reblogged this on The Leather Library and commented:
    I remember looking over the side of my cruise ship in the middle of the sea and couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by a surge of emotions. I have never been on a ship before and I have never been on the ocean. I couldn’t truly decipher what I felt. Perhaps it was a sense of loneliness or solitude. What I could be sure of was that I felt small against the backdrop of the vast sea. Nonetheless, aside from what appears to be melencholia, when I looked across the open waters, I felt like I was finally home.

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