I Don’t Hate You

I am a Christian and I do not hate you.
I do not think you are Satan’s child or that somehow I am better than you.
This is not me against you.
I may not like all that you do, but neither did your mother.
Now don’t get offended, I didn’t call myself your mother.
It’s true we don’t agree on everything- or anything- yet relationships can’t get stronger
without trials to overcome.
Perhaps you don’t like me at all.
That’s fine.
I didn’t get to choose my brother or father either; but since we’re here,
Let’s make the most out of it.

I am a Christian and I don’t hate you.

I won’t talk at you, but will take the time to talk to you.
I won’t exploit money from you on behalf of your soul or some cheap trick.
I won’t yell fire and brimstone and condemnation.
I won’t become the problem I want to solve.
I won’t force you into anything you don’t want to do.
I won’t make you regret that you ever trusted me.

I am a Christian and I do not hate you.

Let me tell you a bit about the God I struggle to represent as He deserves.
My God put mercy before judgement.
He saved prostitutes from death
And he cried at death no matter whom it stole.
He hated suffering
And he was relentless against corruption.
He never forgot the orphan, the widow or the single parent
And he always gave reminder that bad was not good, nor confused the two.
He established the precedent that actions have consequences which cannot be skirted
And he was the first to say that just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
He is the greatest environmentalist, human rights advocator and artist.
My God has striven for peace since the beginning
And all He wants is for you to be all you can be.
My God is the greatest ruler ever to walk this earth
And He is the most clever strategist to ever make a plan.
Believe it or not, He is the king of all kings ever to take a breath.
He is the Lord over all
Which actually means it ALL!
He is the beginning and He is the end
He is the rose of life
The eagle of freedom
The lion of strength
My God is an exploding volcano of awe and respect
Yet the fuzzy blanket and warm fireplace of close comfort.
My God has His crown established on justice and rightness.
Waterfalls are His footstool,
The rising dawn His seat, the noonday sun His backrest.
The mountain valleys are his throne room.
Placed beside Him is a single star shining bright;
That is your seat.
That is what he thinks of you this very moment despite what you may think of yourself-
He believes you are deserving to have the spot.
To Him you are more than the sum of your actions.
To me, I am still human and am trying to see as my God sees.
I am a Christian and I’m not perfect but my God is.
What He is I am in school to become.
Sometimes I fail, sometimes I pass.
But I don’t hate you.

Christians protect praying Muslims during Cairo uprising in 2011

Christians protect praying Muslims during Cairo uprising in 2011


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