Ode to Cat Hair

“Ode to Cat Hair”

Hark! Hear the sneezes of chosen ones.

Thine tiny hairs of potency they cannot out run.

All seasons, winter through fall,

your omnipresence is evident to all.

Whither can one go to escape your confident displays

of black on white, white on black, every shade displaying all the browns and greys?

If I go to the depths of the sea,

you manage to float by my eye like a wayward bee.

If I go to the heavens Leo awaits

to add his contribution to those who contemplate

the mysterious nature of that which has once again found its way onto their dinner plate!

If I remain on the earth and carefully search through history’s books’ garlands

I would find the Son of God blessed you with a wave of his hand;

or t’was it dismissal from his robe by command?

In the coldest lands men make snowy cocoons,

you are there.

In the hottest of wastelands among the sandy dunes,

you are there.

Your endurance is astounding and focused

defying even the most thorough removal process.

‘Tis for records eternal these verses have been chiselled.


For want of a climate destroyed and all life begun anew

you shall remain, you and your furry crew

surviving what dinosaurs could not, or Trojans too.

O cat hair, once apocalyptic doom has come from whence and gone thither,

settle upon the ruins of wasteland and humanity withered.

Cat hair, hear and believe, you always have the last laugh, disembodied critter!


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