Keeping it Loose and Quick

So last time I gave a personal type up-date was just about this time last year…..last week. I mean, last week. For this just now demonstrated reason, I am not posting in Italian today.

Level 3 Italian, half way through. My new teacher really took my off guard the first day as he is quite different from my youthful, patient first teacher but he’s not all that bad. You can’t hold the same glasses up to the same person. He’s the first teach I’ve had who gives up some group work to do for 5 minutes so he can leave for a smoke break. He’s also the first to wear the same blue (and I mean aquamarine blue) jeans every day I’ve ever seen him. But he teaches well enough to where I can follow and he gets the class talking so no real complaints. I finally have some guys in my class this time around- two from Germany, one from Spain. One of the German guys is really great and he says that he is considering renting a seguay for him and his wife- half for the joke of riding a seguay and half for the experience of having never ridden one before. He says his wife will hear nothing of it and I have to take her side on this. Though he seems like the kind of guy who would make the social shame worth it.

I have been super busy this week in spite of having to spend more time studying all the nuances of this new grammar I haven’t seen before. Saturday I spent “Indiana Jones-ing” it through Ostia Antica. Saturday I visited St. Paul Fuori la Mura (I think I have that right. In English it’s St. Paul’s Outside the Wall) because the basilica was originally built outside the Aurelian Walls, and also Santa Maria in Trastevere, both apart of the 5 papal basilicas in Rome. Monday I started classes, Tuesday I got rejected from St. Peter’s because the SKIRT I was wearing was not below my knees. I was pretty annoyed at that in every respect. But I got over it. Wednesday was a national holiday so everything not associated with keeping anarchy at bay or the tourist industry was closed including the school.  So, I spent a lovely morning walking over the Janiculum Hill and successfully getting into St. Peter’s, Round II. Crossing off an item from my Bucket List I climbed all 320 stairs to the very height of St. Peter’s dome, a thing which I highly recommend to anyone. It is very much worth the time and the ticket. Thursday I headed out to find the Gestapo prison for when the Nazi’s occupied Rome for those dreadful months, and then also a street in which the Roman Freedom Fighters attacked a Nazi parade and then were forced to witness Hitler’s wrath of executing some 300 innocents for the crime at the Ardeantine Caves (a site I will visit at a later date). I also spent the evening at a lovely pizzaria in Trastevere with some school mates, meeting an American studying opera at Juilliard! He later gave us a private concert Friday after class. 🙂

Let’s see, Friday I took it chill, Saturday I headed over to the Baths of Caracalla, the Crypti Balbi (cryptus being the term for the collonade to Balbus’ theater), which was a fascinating study on the layers of Rome as this particular section had been built on since Balbus’ time in the first century AD. Everything from glass kilns, to churches, to toilets and barns had been built and preserved, in various forms, in layers on top of each other. With time left in the afternoon, I headed over to the Altempts Museum. And today, Sunday, I headed straight for Via Appia Antica, the peaceful bikeride down History itself, getting off to a bit of a rough start, a video of which is loading up to Facebook now. Hopefully, it will work.

So, whew! Busy busy! I feel like I got a low down laid out, but there are so many good stories to go with all these adventures I have neither the time nor space to write them all out. Guess you’re just going to have to keep up with my facebook notes!


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