Ready to Upgrade

Scorso mattina, sono vado alla villa vincino mia scuola correre. Un numero di romani corrono ici quando il sole *goes down*. E’ una bella villa, bella giardina, e *a nice cross country type circuit* circa deici minuti lunga.  Quando arriva ai parco alle 8:15, io guardo la porta per un tiemo chiudo ma le c’e’ solomente per il museo. Corro due cicuido e decido correre uno di piu’. Piu’ dei circuito *is in the open but there is one part in the trees where you are hidden from the rest of the park. You aren’t out of sight for more than five minutes.* Quando finite mio finale circuito, la villa era *abandoned* e la porta era chiuso!! Era *locked!* I had to jump the fence! Moma mia…

So today marks the end of week 2 of my schooling. It went much faster than last week- here’s hoping the other SIX go just as quickly. You’ll have to keep up with my FB pictures to follow what I’m doing in my off time here in Rome- as you just translated, I’m sure, I’m doing everything from getting locked inside parks to transversing catacombs to eating shawarma and rabbit! (Okay, so the last one never made it to FB but it was very good rabbit) Because shawarma is a very Italian thing to eat :p

Because my school operates on 2 week course schedules, it was test time on Friday to see if I pass into Level 3 Italian. I’m pretty sure I did 🙂 The sad part is my roommate has gone back to Russia, my German friend has returned to Germnay and my Slovanian friend has gone back to her life there as well. So Monday means another round of making new friends, many of whom will probably be gone in 2 weeks. It’s sad but it’s an adventure to be sure. I can only pray that my new teacher will be as patient and good as this last one I had. She certainly allowed for some great laughs too.

You know when you laugh about making something up in a foreign language and probably insulted someone’s mother in the process? Welll…same lines but no mothers were involved in this moment of embarrassment. As part of my adventures I went to a little known Cappuchin Monk monastery known for its very….unique, if not completely morbid display of over 4000 monk skeletons. I was more or less getting my escapade across in Italian to my class but got stuck on trying to say, “it was interesting but very morbid”. I took a guess as translating “morbid” to “morbido”. Well….not quite. In effect, I said that the skeleton crypt display was “cute and cuddly”. The look on my teacher’s face was priceless. And mine was a bit red as I rapidly tried to find new words to cover up my mistake once it was realized. Oops! It was a pretty funny moment, I can’t deny it, even at my own expense.

So with those experiences in my past and these new challenges ahead of me, I think I’m ready to upgrade. Upgrade my adventures, my fluency and just embrace this whole thing. Goodness knows I’m here long enough!

All that, and I’m pretty tired right now, so just ignore any grammar, spelling or otherwise general errors. 🙂


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