All about My Class

Oggi c’e’ la fine da la primo settimana dalla scuola. Era bene! Ho impro multi e sono molto meglio a *speaking*. (Haven’t learnt the gerundive yet.) Mio classe e’ tutte ragazze che non e’ molto divermentento ma…oh well. In meo classe chi sono ragazze de Austria, Slovania, Israel, Germany e France. (I cheated by giving the English names, okay). Sono solomente ragazza che parla solo uno lingua. Most girls have quite good English though so it’s good to be able to talk with them outside of class in more than our limited, but quickly growing, Italian vocabulary. So far I am very happy with the school. They organize events nearly every day of the week, I really enjoy the ability of my teacher to make even brand new concepts and words understandable without ever speaking anything but Italian. It’s almost like a human wonder how that can happen, haha.

I have classes in the afternoon which turns out to be alright after all. It is SO hot here during the day, it is best to be inside during the heat of the day and get at least a few hours of adventuring in the city while it is still bearable. I have pretty much given up on ever getting outside and not sweating out half my body weight before 6pm. It sounds gross but we pretty much all are in the same boat. Except the natives. I don’t know how they can ever go outside for 5 minutes in a suit or long sleeves, or anything that is not free flowing cotton and shorts/t-shirt. I guess living in Roma, they don’t care to explore it, much less after 9 am.

My roommate is quite nice. Her English isn’t very great so we are forced to speak what Italian we know to try and communicate, which we do with limited success. One night we were trying to have something of a conversation and we both had out our Google translate open on our bed so if we weren’t being clear or didn’t know the Italian word we were looking for, we’d pop the word into the Translate into Russian/English and let the other person read it and go from there. It’s quite an experience to go through that’s for sure. I feel a bit bad for her though. Although there are many other Russians at the school, they are from Moscow, and she is from a town quite south, and I guess they are rather snobby towards her for that and she can’t make friends with them. Birds of a feather, huh.

Allora, a presto!

BTW, my new cover photo for my blog is pretty great isn’t it? My new camera can do some pretty neat things. That is a side shot of the Theater of Marcellus, a theater Augustus built for his dead nephew. And hopeful heir. Poor guy. And I mean both of them. lol


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