Arrivo. Day 1

It was an 18 minute flight to my connection in Montreal and it took Air Canada almost 2 hours to get a plane for us to get there. Uh.Huh. At least the luggage made it.

Allora, arrivo a Roma alle 4 am EST e ho dormo solomente 3 ore sull’areoplane. I know that you are supposed to jump right into the time change but I was very glad when my billet suggested I get some sleep. When I woke up it felt like a scene straight from a movie. I had no idea what time it was, how long was I out? Is it tomorrow, or is it today? Every clock I found had a different time! What happened to me, I can’t add 6 hours to my watch! The story has a good end though. Eventually I was able to make my wearied mind add 6 to 9 am. It was a growing moment for sure. I feel like a more empowered person because of it already.

An interesting note, all the ads alongside my internet pages are all in Italian now and are telling me how to get my 1 step Green card.

Oggi e’ domenica e’ tutto e chiuso. Questo una problema perche’ era 43C con umidita a non trovo l’auqua! I finally found one of Rome’s famous water spouts but by then I was almost home from my day’s scouting adventures.

I found my school, only about a 13 minute walk from where I am living, which, ironically, is pretty much the exact same time it took me to walk to university every day. I pass by the Cameroon and Somalian embassy along the way which I find kind of funny. My crazy imagination tells me that a coup d’etat could happen within those embassy gates at any time- just within their own yard. What’s life without a little imagination? In the other direction, about 15 minutes away, walking, is the Villa Borghese, which for those who don’t know, is a very famous park and villa-turned-museum. So, if all goes well, I will have a nice jogging coarse. If all goes well. 66% humidity is a bit rough to push through. I don’t mind looking like a wet fish if there is actually water nearby.

Tomorrow I take a placement test to see if my classes will be in the morning or afternoon. Here’s hoping they are in the morning- I’d study so much more in the afternoon than first thing in the morning.

A presto!



5 thoughts on “Arrivo. Day 1

  1. Carissima Stephanie,
    spero che il tuo soggiorno a Roma sia meraviglioso!!!! Tienimi aggiornta (keep me updated!)
    un abbraccio dalla tua insegnante ed amica

  2. 43c stands for temp? high humidity and no water around? Did I get that part right? Interesting thing about those ads. You should at least copy the source for future reference. Then Rachel can add another country to her list. I like your pics. Cute.

  3. Sweet. I found the translate button. Here’s what it says: Today ‘Sunday’ all over and closed. This problem ’cause it was 43C with humidity not find the auqua!
    I had most of it. Should have realized that dominica is Sunday. It resembles the French word. Also you did good on the writting. Google had one word that corrected you and that is questo una. Should be un, so there it is. Mom’s advise. Be careful not to add “a” to too many words! lol lo

    love you ti amo

  4. Oklahoma got me used to the heat but I’m not sure you Okies understand the word “humidity” 😉 At least the shade and breezes offer nice respite!

    Mom, I really didn’t understand what you are trying to say in that first post of yours. Want to try again?

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