And so it Begins

Benvenuto a mio Blog!  Quando in Roma, scritto tutti a due nella italiano e inglese. Spero i parti della italiano *will become* piu’ lungo come imparo italiano.

Cara Stefania, mia benissimo professoressa, per favore perdona *my many spelling errors!* Ma….*feel free to correct them as they come!*

*~ Welcome to my Blog! I created it exclusively for logging my Roman adventures. We’ll see if it lasts beyond that, my previous attempts at blogging have been varied at best. My blogs will usually consist of both an Italian and English component, the former hopefully increasing in length and content as I learn this beautiful language. While it is never officially recommended, my un-official recommendation is to head over to Google Translate and pop the Italian parts into it to get the gist of what I’m saying (You will find the easy ONE STEP link to the left over there). It’s kind of like turning your back when someone goes to Wikipedia to get information for an essay.

Before I leave for the first day of blogging (does the verb “blogging” have a capital letter since it is using the proper noun of “Blog” in it? IS “Blog” a proper noun now?), allow me to quickly tell you about the name of my Blog. AmpitheaterWords is actually a shorter name for a title I had conceived of a number of years ago when my love of writing and my passion for Classics were wonderfully living together. It was “Flavian Ampitheater of the Written Word”. The idea had come about that very often when we “blog” or “journal”, what we write is often fighting out it’s right to exist with previous thoughts or ideas which we write, or find themselves in conflict with this life in general as they are fleshed out, often, for the first time. I may have an idea and post it, and the idea may suck, or it may be better than a previous idea I had 2 months earlier and replace it. One of these ideas will “die” and one will live. It’s the life of any type of creator: some works will live to see another day, and some are just better left to be forgotten. Ex. I feel like writing today. 1) Writing fan fiction of Twilight= bad idea. 2) Comparing the military genius of Alexander the Great and Napoleon= good idea! And so it will be in this forum that all my filtered thoughts will be posted and they will have to fight for survival against the passage of time and my own prejudice just like in Roman days of old where fighters strove for life and fame. Sometimes it got ugly, but sometimes it was a glorious day indeed.

But, seriously, for now it will probably just be a way to keep connected with all you beautiful people all at once!


3 thoughts on “And so it Begins

  1. I found it 🙂 Hopefully this will post. I was praying for you while you were in flight. Hope all went well. love

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